Qu est ce qu un plouc6

The "plouc"

The word appeared at the end of the 19th century. It was first used to refer to Bretons, peasants who had come to Paris to work and spoke only Breton.
Origin of the cedilla

The cedilla

The cedilla, a small sign that has the power to change the meaning of words
French expressions related to animals

Language and animals

In French, many expressions have been forged from our representations of the animal world. Here are a few of them, illustrated with poetry.
The french œ and its pronunciation

About the french "œ"

A vowel that comes from Greek. How to pronounce it? Bonus: some mistakes that even the French make.
What does

What does "la rentrée" mean in France?

More than a word, it is a ritual that neither students, nor novelists, nor politicians can escape.