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Who was Jean Jaurès ?

A leading figure of the French left and a pacifist, Jean Jaurès was assassinated on 31 July 1914 after a lifetime of fighting.
The frog that wants to be as big as the ox

The Fables of Jean de La Fontaine

Fables feature animals with the same faults as humans. These tales, both funny and cruel, have survived the centuries and are still just as popular today.
The popular Front

What happened in May 1936 in France ?

The workers dance in the factories and obtain paid holidays.
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From postcards to selfies

In the 20th century, postcards documented the story of French people: peaceful villages, innovations, but also wars and natural disasters.
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Literary prizes in France

In September, the Goncourt, Renaudot and other prizes are the occasion for fierce competition.
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The Grimm brothers versus Charles Perrault

Grimm's fairy tales were adapted a century later from Perrault's fairy tales for German society.
Women's right to vote in France

April 21, 1944, a page in women's history

Why were French women late in obtaining the right to vote?
The 14 July firemen's ball

Where does the tradition of the fire brigade ball come from?

Since 14 July 1937, in France, people have been dancing not only in village squares but also in fire stations. Why? It all started in Montmartre.